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Natalie Bachiri
Certified EFT Practitioner

Working with people and helping them through difficult times in their lives has been my calling. Over the years I have worked with women, men, children and parents of special needs children with my therapist tools including EFT, mindfulness, mediation and many new techniques I discover. I craft my therapy to the person's needs and help them find their way through difficult problems and situations. I also host workshops for small groups and companies in need of helping those with everyday difficulties and stress.


As with many people that become EFT therapists my background was not in therapy. After years of working in the publishing, non-profit and association world and moving up the ladder, my children came into my life. I decided to stay at home with the kids, start my own business and volunteer, which gave me flexibility. When my children became ill with an autoimmune disorder I started researching and reading everything I could on natural, holistic and alternative medicines as well as mental health to help my family. It became a passion – a passion of helping people. Not only did I share what I learned with my whole family but with everyone I met.

When we moved to Luxembourg from the United States the summer of 2015, and the kids started secondary school, I had more free time to explore the vision I had for myself and all the people around me. I had been tapping on myself for years after discovering the Tapping World Summits. Now I had the time and energy to help other people and I wanted to share that knowledge and passion. I found that passion in EFT. I did my training in the UK in 2016 with EFT Master Trainer Tania A. Prince. Since then it has become my passion and I want to share it with the people around me. I am a member of EFT International and an accredited EFT International practitioner.

EFT International

I also have a degree in Psychology with Shaw Academy

I have a certificate as a Certified Elite Performance Coach

I am also taking more courses now and bringing more into my Health and Wellness for healing.

Courses I am currently studying


Coaching with Shaw Academy

Diploma for Social Sciences and Counseling with the Arlt Foundation

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